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Basic Option Course

Introduction to Options, Option Pricing and All Option Strategies...

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Advance Option Course

Intro to Options, Option Pricing, Option Strategies, Option Greeks, Open Interest and Intro to GATS...

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Expert Option Trader

Intro to Options, Option Pricing, Option Strategies, Option Greeks, Open Interest, Vol Trading, Vol Skew & Smile and Intro to GATS...

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Volatility Trader

Indepth insights on Volatility Trading, Vol Smile, Vol Skew & Option Greeks...

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"It’s really overwhelming; the way GIFM puts efforts to give you the complete knowledge and understanding which makes it a superb experience. After experiencing the other similar trading courses, I can undoubtedly say that this Course gives a lot of information. It's top-notch course and personal guidance by Mr.Vivek Sheth makes it better."

"I think Money spent in well. Workshop was conducted in very nice method and professional manner. It appeared like we were attending actual class. It is a boom for people like me who live at far off places. Faculty is too good; Use of simple terms and language which normal traders use makes it very interesting."

"Course was excellent. Gives in depth understanding of “Greeks & Options”. I am completely satisfied & really want to appreciate the faculty for his hard work. Also want to thank him for giving their own experience which is very profitable for us."

"GIFM has an inimitable approach towards imparting education to its students. Their key focus is on practical aspects rather than theoretical ones. They were successful in covering the entire gamut of the Options trading from exhaustive Greeks to the nitty-gritty of various strategies."